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Cockney's Premium

Cockney's by JRE

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In 1838 a Londoner founded Cockney's Distillery in Ghent and created the first gin made in Belgium. A true Cockney is one who was born in East London within earshot of the Bow Bells, the bells of St Mary-le-Bow Church. The name of his gin was therefore at hand and the reference to the bell also comes from this. A story that starts in Belgium, but with strong English roots. The distillery always had its gin at different percentages in alcohol and therefore in different <>. Starting at 38% to over 47%. In the 1940s, the brand received a new impetus when the Hoste family took over the distillery. After the last Ghent generation in 2003, both the distillery and the brand came to be taken over. That's how Cockney's Gin ended up with us in Aalst. Saved from obscurity and very aware of its monumental value, we reworked Cockney's Gin in 2013 to adjust the time-honored recipe and to upgrade the look of the bottle. We chose to add 15 extra botanicals to the gin and keep the alcohol percentage at 44.2%.

Cockney's London Dry

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Fresh Hop

Ultra 13

St. Cruyt

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Limited Series

Belgin brought a new impetus to the Belgian gin market by making high-quality gin with raw materials that were of Belgian origin and that were also in our famous beer. Belgian hops form the core of this and provide a discreet but pleasant touch. The first bottle was created in 2015


In addition to our premium gins from Cockney's, you can also contact Van der Schueren Distillery for other gins that are produced there. Also for gin in bulk

(10 l./50 l./200 l./1000 l.)



  • Premium Spicy 38%

  • Premium Citrus 38%

  • Premium Floral 38%

  • Premium 44%


  • gin 38%

  • gin 44%

Looking for bulk?
Or your own bottling?

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