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VdS distillery is a fully operational distillery where almost all processes take place in the distillery itself. We mainly produce gin, genever, liqueurs, delicacies and aperitifs and are responsible for the development and production of Private Labels for third parties. 

One of the most important values in the production process is the origin of our raw materials. A direct contact with the suppliers in the field is important to us. We always know where our herbs, fruits and plants come from. 

The copper stills in the distillery are also of great importance for making our fine distillates. They each have their own interpretation and are indispensable. Meet our ladies at the bottom of this page. 

1. Selection of raw materials

Grains, fresh fruits, plants, herbs and spices are carefully selected from all over the world.


Years of collaboration with growers and farmers who can offer us unadulterated qualities, that is where everything starts. Juniper berries from Macedonia, lemon from southern Italy and hops from Belgium guarantee delicious aromas. Only the best of nature comes together in the bottle!



2. Handling raw materials

The processes in the distillery still require a lot of manual work. In addition to an eye for detail, this mainly ensures a high-quality end product.


Working in a traditional way with respect for the raw materials is of the utmost importance to us. Patience, craftsmanship and passion come together in this way and ensure the ultimate taste.


All raw materials are processed within the walls of the distillery. Fruit and grains are fermented, but there are also botanicals that have too few natural sugars to ferment. Such fruits are macerated, sometimes for up to several weeks, to extract all flavors and aromas.


A delicate job. Macerating in alcohol that is too high or macerating for too long ends in too bitter flavors. Conversely, the result will be too pale. The taste of the master distiller and the experience in trial & error determine the fineness of the desired aroma.

3. Extracting flavour


The raw materials are preferably fermented in fermentation tanks. The natural process converts the sugars present into alcohol. Throughout the year, our botanicals are fermented under close supervision. In this step, nothing is rushed and we do "slow fermentation" so that all flavors and other aromas have time to fully develop themselves.


In the distillery we ferment our grains ourselves to make genevers and other products, but fruits such as apples and pears also undergo a slow fermentation. The result is a low-alcoholic wort that is the basis for distillation.

4. Fermentation


In order to concentrate the flavors and enhance aromas, our macerations and fermentations undergo a double or triple distillation.


All distillations are made in the distillery itself and here the stamp of the distillery is printed. The choice of the length of the heart suring distillation determines the final taste. As a warm distillery, the home-made distillates come together in the bottle, whether or not after maturing in the barrel. Only in this way do we obtain the unique taste that is characteristic for our distillery.

5. Distillation


Certain distillates rest in barrels for a few months to years to obtain an extra dimension of taste. In the distillery there is a wide variety of barrels. Here the distillates can develop their aromas under the right conditions


The combination of American bourbon casks and Spanish Oloroso sherry casks, gives the aged drinks a complex depth. Each barrel stays in the barrel chamber for a minimum of 3 years.

6. Maturation

7. Bottling

Once the production process is done, the bottles are filled with the produced liquors on our bottling line. This line allows to make adjustments according to the shape and size of the bottle.


This is followed by encapsulation, sealing and labeling of the bottles after which they  are prepared in boxes for departure to the correct destination.

Koperen dames

Our copper ladies

All steps in the production process are important to achieve good products and the distiller can apply his own style everywhere. But distillation is by far the most exciting. Beautiful copper machines are therefore needed to achieve beautiful distillates. Our copper stills are completely indispensable and are used daily. They do the essential and noble work. An introduction is therefore urgently needed!

Carl Van der Schueren 2.png

Lady Jane

In 2022 she got her permanent place in our distillery. A combination of pot still and column, steam powered and equipped with the most modern technology. Completely custom made by the renowned German manufacturer CARL, it is the first of its kind in Belgium.

Making gin with the pot still? Or do you prefer to distil malt wine using 6 column stages? Maybe use the vapor infusion in between? No problem for this installation. With this we make our products according to the style we want exactly.

A very important presence to distill all kinds of botanicals. Very perfumed distillates are possible via the internal aroma basket.



The smallest lady of the trio. Handy for tiny single botanical batches, but especially for experimenting. 

Little Suzy

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