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Belgium St. Cruyt

The abbeys have played an important cultural role in Belgium for centuries. Both for the development of botanical herbs and for beers and herbal drinks. St. Cruyt means holy herb in Old Dutch and refers to the botanicals used in this gin. No less than 50 carefully selected herbs and plants are used in the recipe and they can all be found in the gardens of the Belgian abbeys. The main herbs belong to the Officinalis herbs and used to have the best medicinal effect. Herbs and plants such as fennel seed, rosemary, bay leaf, elderflower and marjoram are macerated for at least 60 days in a mild alcohol base. Afterwards, these are distilled separately and mixed with each other until the product is in equilibrium. Once the blending is done, a Dry Hopping, which is characteristic of all Belgin products, takes place for 8 hours. The result is an expressive, yet controlled, and very complex gin that leaves a pleasant experience.

Type:Distilled gin
ABV:43 %



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