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Mr Mertens Alois was a passionate entrepreneur and liqueur maker. In his home town of Aalst he introduced his home-made drinks in 1876 and the Liqueur House Mertens was a well-known value at that time. His son Hector took over the business and later came to an agreement with Joseph Van der Schueren. The first years they worked together until Joseph took over the house completely in 1928 and thus took his first steps. Later, other drinks were added and evolved into the distillery today. Distillery Van der Schueren has been producing many types of fine liqueurs from the very beginning, in the 1920s. At one point, the distillery made over 35 different liqueurs. Mainly fruit liqueurs such as lemon, strawberry and apricot liqueur, but also Curaçao Triple Sec and Punch au Rum. We still do this today. We supplement the variants from then with contemporary liqueurs. Since 2019, the lion's share of the liqueur range has been made under the name Alowis as a tribute to the founder of the liqueur house that started it all.

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Coffee liqueurs


Livinus coffee

Soft coffee liqueur based on old grain genever. Delicious on a cold winter day or simply as a digestif. Drink it warm with a topping of whipped cream.


Faluintjes coffee

Pure mocha based on Faluintjes genever.
Best served hot or cold with whipped cream.


Classic liqueurs


One of founder Jozef Van der Schueren's first products was his Aalst Elixir VdS, which is available in 30 °, 35 ° and 40 °. This fine herbal liqueur is still made in the distillery according to the first recipe. The almost forgotten gold liqueur Goldwasser with real gold leaf flakes, Parfait Amour and Liqueur Des Moines are also part of the range.


The more recently released rose liqueur Sweet Roses, Limoncello and Amaretto join the classics of yesteryear.

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