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In addition to its own production of spirits, VdS also imports spirits from other countries. These are often brands of traditional houses and distilleries that share a love for the craft with us. But we also bring unmistakable classics to you.


Geographically protected drinks such as calvados, cognac and armagnac from France, grappa from Italy or Scotch Single Malt are just a few examples. Worldwide brandies, eaux-de-vie, whiskeys and rum, Van der Schueren has everything you are looking for.



Made from the so-called sugar cane , the most famous rum distilleries are mainly located in and around the Caribbean. Each island has at least one distillery that produces its own rum. Often these rums have a different taste because of the difference in terroir where the sugar cane comes from. Rum from Guyana, for example, is smoky and richer than rum from Puerto Rico. Barbados? Softer! Trinidad? Fuller!


Either way, there is a rum for everyone. You can find an interesting range of rums at VdS, to enjoy pure or to use in (Tiki) cocktails. Throughout the year there are also rum tastings in the distillery that you can attend yourself. Always a fun and well-filled evening where you learn about rum, the terroir, the origin and of course the taste. Watch the next tasting quickly!


One of the most iconic spirits if you ask us and one that goes beyond the borders of Scotland. Ok, the peninsula is perhaps the most likely home to uisge beatha (Celtic for whisky, ed.) But the term whisky can be viewed much broader. The grain spirit is also expertly distilled in Ireland, England, the US, Canada, Japan and also with us, here in Belgium. That makes sense because whisky in itself is not that different from old grain genever, and that is our Belgian national spirit!


The wide variety in taste varies between peated and fruity , salty and bodied   usually along with the region where the whisky is made. At VdS you will find the suitable whisky that meets the needs of an experienced whisky drinker as well as for the early explorer in that world. Also check the dates to attend a tasting about whisky at our distillery. Tip: you can also give a tasting as a gift!




Two geographically protected fruit spirits from the same corner of France. In terms, this means that we, as a producing distillery, are not allowed to release spirits under that name. Fortunately we have our contacts there with producers from whom we can import. And how! Not only do we import bottles, but also barrels so that we can bottle on site. Because that is allowed.


Our many years of trading relationships and our own bottlings ensure an excellent price / quality ratio.



Calvados is a protected distillate made from a mixture of different types of apples. Only in Normandy, France, the name may be used when the apple cider is distilled in the appropriate typical alembic. Again it can be bottled outside the region.


In addition to imported calvados from established distilleries, you can also always obtain our own bottled calvados. In the distillery we bottle young calvados and older calvados aged up to 15 years.

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