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Belgin Fresh Hop

Fresh Hop is based on the classic industry of the hop farmers in Belgium and is made from hops that grow less than 10 kilometers from the distillery. The fresh hop cones have an exuberant fresh aroma with a layered character. A very interesting and special sensation that often makes them find their way to gastronomy. After the warm summer months, the Belgian hop harvest traditionally starts on the fields where the hops grow on high racks. In September we always make the first batch with the newest hops. We let the fresh hops macerate for up to a day in the finished gin batch, so that a natural infusion occurs and the gin gets a light green appearance. A unique process that typifies the fresh taste of Belgin Fresh Hop. The rest of the botanicals such as coriander are carefully distilled in our distillery and blended together.

Type: Distilled gin
ABV: 40%

Belgin FRESH HOP gin Packshot.png



Gold 2016

Gin Masters


Gold 2016

WSWA Spirits Competition

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