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Vander Schueren
Copper Club

It is always our mission to celebrate the craftsmanship, independence and beauty of our products and we would like to invite you to participate in this.

Join the Copper Club

The experience of maturing your own barrel in a distillery is a pleasure for many lovers of matured distillates such as whisky, rum, cognac etc. From the moment your barrel is filled, to the moment it officially joins a segment, come and taste it for the first time, let it mature to elegance, all the way to the bottling of your private bottles. We want to be able to offer that opportunity to everyone.


Owners of a private cask in the distillery automatically join the community

Benefits of Membership


Exclusieve bottelingen

Enkel verkrijgbaar voor leden


Gunstig tarief

Op bepaalde producten in onze winkel én om tastings bij te wonen in de stokerij


Tasting panel

Mogelijkheid om deel uit te maken van ons panel


Private cask owner

Je bent eigenaar van je eigen vat

Because we would like to introduce you to our distillates and our way of working, we would like to invite you to our distillery as a first step. It is also possible to contact us directly via

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