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Our favorite summer cocktail.

The first week of +25°C on average in our country is just behind us and then you know that summer has really started. In addition to festivals (from August), terraces and barbecues, it is also time to enjoy an aperitif with friends


(based upon a publication of Visit Aalst 09/06/21)

Just as important as a tasty, well-made aperitif is the variety of those aperitifs. Are you looking for something other than a gin tonic or cuba libre? Fancy a slightly exotic, fresh taste? Then read on because Van der Schueren reveals its favorite summer cocktail made entirely with our own distilled drinks.


Cockney's Gin as the backbone for the cocktail and Alowis Apricot Brandy as the partner that provides the fruity character. A nice discovery for those who don't want the usual gin and tonic. Cockney's Gin is the oldest Belgian gin and internationally renowned. A fresh and spicy gin of 44.2% with 18 different botanicals. Alowis is a range of liqueurs specially made for use in cocktails. The name refers to the founder of a liqueur house in Aalst in 1876 from which Stokerij VdS originated directly. Currently there are 8 variants. For this cocktail we selected Alowis Apricot Brandy, a 24% liqueur based on apricot, almond and cognac. They are both made at our distillery in Aalst.

Cockney’s Boston:

  • 4,5 cl Cockney’s Gin

  • 3 cl Alowis Apricot Brandy

  • 2 cl lemon juice

  • 1 cl grenadine (from pomegranate)

Shake everything well over ice and pour into an ice-filled footed glass. Garnish with a lemon zest.

A wonderfully fresh, fruity cocktail that is cataloged as a “slow sipper”. So you sip it quite slowly since this cocktail is not cut with a mixer. The pleasant citrus notes in Cockney's Gin go very well with the funky exotic touch in the Apricot Brandy. The two lift each other to a higher level. The added lemon juice makes the experience extra lively and underlines the freshness in the gin. The little grenadine at the end provides a balanced consistency and adds that extra sweetness at the end. If you are a fan of sparkling cocktails, you can add some tonic here after shaking. You can easily find the necessary spirits for this cocktail in our webshop. The button below will take you directly to the web page of the webshop. Enjoy!

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