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Cockney's London Dry

The Long Island Iced Tea is made from many different spirits, making it a legendary cocktail, but also infamous. Surprisingly fruity and smooth. A classic on menus in the US, where it was invented in the 1970s.

This cocktail is a blend of Alowis Curaçao Triple Sec, gin, vodka and white rum, all of which are distilled in our distillery. This is followed by a mixture with imported tequila, sugar syrup and natural lemon juice.

Type: Distilled gin
ABV: 40%

How to serve?

1. Pour 125 cl Alowis Long Island into a high ball glass with ice

2. Top with cola

3. Stir the glass gently with a mixing spoon

4. Enjoy a classic Long Island Iced Tea

Distilling spirit

Liqueur distillation

Juice from fruits

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