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The culinary wine boxes from VdS




Box France 1

1x Champagne Launay Sélection

1x Mâcon Villages - Jean Loron Les Ancolies

1x Côtes du Rhône red - JL Colombo Les Collines de Laure

€ 42.30

Box France 2

1x Champagne Launay Prestige

1x Sancerre - Domain Des Trois Noyers

1x Alsace Horn de Wolxheim - Pinot Noir André Regin

€ 49.50

Box France 3

1x Champage Launay Blanc des Blancs

1x Chablis - Daniel Dampt & Fils

1x Pessac-Léognan Ch. Coucheroy

€ 60.30

The glass of Champagne is always a sparkling opener. Available atoystersappetizers with raw salmonandchives. Afterwards, the white Mâcon is a good companionscallops, smoked salmon or stuffed peppers.The wonderfully sultry Rhône wine as a conclusion fits perfectlystews with croquettes

The Champagne has more pinot noir and therefore more power. Donatesnacks with truffle or pâté.  White Sancerre goes perfectly with dishes withgoat cheese or fresh asparagus. This is followed by the intense pinot noir from Alsace. Blissful beecoq au vin, fine meat with mushrooms and roasted vegetables.

Fresh and very fine Champagne from the Chardonnay grape. Matching withdim sumandoystersas appetizer.

Chablis continues in that same trend. Think aboutseafood, sushior evenchickenwith something likecreamy sauce.Red Pessac, on the other hand, needs something likepheasant, lamb chopsorturbot with foie gras. An elegant wine yet powerful enough.


Box Italy 1

1x Prosecco La Jara

1x Langhe Bianco - Cascina Ballarin

1x Chianti Riserva - Andreucci Costavecchia

€ 34.65

Box Italy 2

1x Prosecco Andreucci Extra Dry

1x Alto Adige - Donna Alma Pinot Grigio

1x Maremma Toscana - Morellino di Scansano Riserva

€ 39.15

Box Italy 3

1x Spumante Ballarin Nebbiolo Extra Brut

1x Toscana - Poggio Lungo Vermentino

1x Piemonte - Barolo Tre Cabiot

€ 52.20

Prosecco is always nice with simplefinger foodor of course just likeaperitif.Langhe Bianco pairs well with freshfish dishesasswordfish carpaccio with lemonorseafood.The Chianti Riserva that follows fits perfectlytomato dishes with red meatorwild.

This prosecco is more frivolous and goes very well with fresh cold snacks such asmozzarella skewers with basilor coldscampis. The white wine is fruity with light acidity:fish!Preferably with somethinglemon. The red wine is velvety and has had wood. Gently grilledRed meator juicypork tenderloinfor example.

Top quality spumante from the nebbiolo grape! Blissful at simplebruschettasorchicken snacks. The vermentino along withham with prosciuttoorfried calamari, troutorwhite fish. Barolo is a strong wine, robust with enough acidity.ossobucois a classic or otherstews in tomato sauce. But alsodeersure can!

Box Spain 1

1x Cava Barbaro

1x Rueda - Verdejo Vega de la Reina

1x Rioja - Tempranillo Crianza

€ 24.30

Box Spain 2

1x Cava Barbaro

1x Rias Baixas - Albariño Marques de Campo Nuble

1x Rioja - Tempranillo Crianza Limitade

€ 30.60

Our cava van  the house has aged longer than the standard so it can certainly handle some food.Fried snacks,shrimp croquettesandolivesbut alsotapas. The verdejo is very fresh and goes with itwhite fishwith fresh shades likelemon. Leg of lamb, quail, grilled red meatand somethingspicier foodgo well with the selected Riojo Crianza.

Our cava van  the house has aged longer than the standard so it can certainly handle some food.Fried snacks,shrimp croquettesandolivesbut alsotapas. Albariño has high acidity and suitslobster, shrimp, langoustine, oysters. Leg of lamb, quail, grilled red meatandpork tenderloin go well with the selected Riojo Limitada.



Box Bordeaux

1x Bordeaux Blanc - Majureau Sercillan

1x Haut-Médoc - Ch. The Cartujac

1x Saint-Émilion - Ch. Grand Peyrou Grand Cru

€ 35.10

Box Loire

1x Pouilly-Fumé - Paul Corneau

1x Sancerre Rouge - Bernard Reverdy & Fils

1x Saint-Nicolas de Bourgeuil - Joël Taluau

€ 39.15

The white Bordeaux immediately goes well with all white meats such aschicken, vealandpork.Haut-Médoc is more powerful and tastysteak (fried or grilled)orlamb. At the top Saint-Émilion we chose here earlierentrecôte, hare, rabbit with prunes.

Pouilly-Fumé is the better white work from the Loire. Unparalleled atsmoked salmon, asparagus, gravad laxandredfish. The two reds are soft in style. Pinot noir from Sancerre and St.-Nicolas de Bourgeuil with its cabernet franc. Both superduck, rabbitandfiner meatevenraw meat(Sancere).

The white Burgundy is full enough to matchroasted chickenorwhite fish with a butter sauceor other rich sauce as a starter. Orasparagus with mousseline sauce? The red Mâcon afterwards is deliciouslight red meat. Steak is possible because this Mâcon is quite powerful, but thensteak nature. The top quality red Chassagne is grand and is sublime withveal(also stewed) orlean red meat.

Box Burgundy

1x Burgundy Chardonnay Jean Loron

1x Macon Rouge Jean Loron

1x Chassagne - Montrachet Rouge - Bachelet Ramonet


The two white Rhônes are light in texture yet spicy. The first contains more clairette and is floraler the second more viognier and therefore notions of apricot and white flowers. 136bad5cf58d_fish with leek,grilled fish or yourself al fine pork. The top quality red Vacqueyras can be deployed beesaddle of hare, stews en firmer game as wild boarandautumn mushroom dishes.

Box Rhone

1x Côtes du Rhône - Lurton Hauts de Janeil

1x Côtes du Rhône - Colombo Les Abeilles

1x Vacqueyras Rouge - Rhonea Dom. De la Soléiade


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