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A classic liqueur from The Lowlands. Eggnog is a natural product made with fresh eggs, sugar, milk and alcohol. The yolk should be separated from the rest of the egg because this ensures the beautiful yellow color and delicious taste. This is still done according to an old technique. The advocaat is then further finished according to the old recipe, production is still really done in grandmother's way.


The delicious creamy texture is delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or with coffee.


The VdS advocaat is available in handy squeeze tubes, glass bottles and small jars.

cherries on genever

An ancient delicacy from us. When the cherry season arrives, we select the best and most suitable cherries to put on our grain genever. The cherries are first cleaned and stalked, after which the jars end on the shelf to ripen for 4 to 5 months to obtain their full flavor. Every year this delicacy is ready around the New Year period.


A delicious classic for different occasions!


The delicacies are also available together in a suitable case during the end of year period.

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