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 Cockney's London Dry

Traditionally distilled with a modern touch. Vapor infusion of the selected botanicals for an excellent balance.

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The distillery has been active since 1928 and strives for the unadulterated quality of our products. Today, almost all processes take place within the walls of the distillery. A family company and a warm and innovative distillery, that is Van der Schueren.


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Since 1928

Nearly a century of knowledge and continuous innovation.

That is Van der Schueren's strength.

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Our way of making

All processes are done in the distillery in our own, traditional way


Own products

In-house or under private label

Stokerij VdS, named after its founders, the Van der Schueren family, produces spirits of the finest quality and imports selected wines and spirits.
Since its foundation, VdS has strived to offer quality products that are made according to the correct rules of the art of distilling. Over the years, the company has evolved into an established value in the sector. The premium drinks produced enjoy an international scope. We are constantly looking for honest and unadulterated raw materials to obtain the ultimate taste.
Discover our products and above all enjoy our craftsmanship wisely.


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(1904 - 1984)

Joseph Van der Schueren

Founder VdS Distillery

Our brands


Wonderfully fresh to surprisingly complex

Discover the stories of our gins



VanderSchueren 7YO Aged Genever
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Interesting blogs


During a tasting or with a group

A visit to us shows you how we work on a daily basis and how our products are created.  Reading and tasting something is already fantastic, but experiencing it yourself is extraordinary.

The distillation process, how botanicals are added to gin and the long history of Van der Schueren are all explained as we walk through the production hall. 

Learn more about our formulas via the button below. All formulas are always adaptable to your wishes.

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